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Major donors commit to ELA

On 22 May, Maison Baccarat hosted a prestigious dinner for friends, sponsors, partners and Crystalfoot members. Crystalfoot is a collection of crystal feet made from the footprints of great football players. The first of this collection, made free of charge by Baccarat, is that of Zinedine Zidane, ELA’s iconic sponsor.Read More →...


Crystalfoot, a club of major donors

Crystalfoot, a club of major donors united around an original project in support of the fight against leukodystrophies. On 6 May 2019, the Crystalfoot club was launched in Luxembourg by Norbert Becker, member of the ELA International Advisory Board and Guy Alba, President. Crystalfoot is a collection of crystal feetRead More →...


Leuconnect accessible to patients in several languages

Leuconnect multilingual Already accessible in French and English, the Leuconnect platform is now open in 3 new languages. With the financial support of the Roche Foundation, it is now available in Spanish, Italian and German. The members of the different ELA branches (Spain, Italy and Germany) share information with theirRead More →...


She achieved a world record in jump go-karting!

In front of several hundred people gathered for the event, the 14-year old girl, who is a karting enthusiast, hit the gas to climb up a ramp and then fell 5.5 metres further down, passing over two cars. The feat was partly achieved thanks to her father Didier, a mechanicsRead More →...


Olympic and Paralympic Week

On Wednesday 6 February 2019, as part of Olympic and Paralympic Week, all the students of Academic City Elementary ran for the ELA association, which works to combat leukodystrophy, a rare genetic disease. Students from CP to CM2 put on their trainers to “beat the disease”. At the end ofRead More →...


Norbert Becker, winner of Paperjam Top 100 – 2018

Active for 40 years, Norbert Becker worked for a long time internationally (in particular at Arthur Andersen and EY) before returning to Luxembourg in 2004. On his return, he created the tax consultancy firm Atoz and CBP Quilvest. From politics to the business world, through his involvement in the academicRead More →...


Zidane: coach of ELA?

For 20 years Zinédine Zidane has been loyal to the most beautiful team in the world: the one that fights to win against the disease. Today, he is back in the ELA dressing room as coach to launch a new campaign. ELA is back on television, to motivate and encourageRead More →...


ELA Italy launches the Z5 tournament

ELA Italy is being revitalised thanks to a group of parents whose aim is to make it the reference association for families affected by leukodystrophy in Italy. The Association plans to organise a 5-a-side football tournament in September 2018 aimed at companies in Northern Italy. This event will bring togetherRead More →...


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