Active for 40 years, Norbert Becker worked for a long time internationally (in particular at Arthur Andersen and EY) before returning to Luxembourg in 2004. On his return, he created the tax consultancy firm Atoz and CBP Quilvest.

From politics to the business world, through his involvement in the academic and philanthropic spheres, Norbert Becker is very much in demand. His advice is in demand far beyond the liberal camp he has long supported, having been a close collaborator of the late Prime Minister Gaston Thorn. Norbert Becker has also made significant contributions that have had an impact on the country’s economy, such as Skype and Mangrove Capital Partners.

In an interview with Paperjam, he believes that “to exert influence, you need conviction about a subject. And this conviction must be based on an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Without conviction, there is no influence.”