Our organization

ELA International is a non-profit European Economic Interest Grouping. Its purpose, both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad, is to facilitate or develop the activity of its members, in particular in the areas of:
information and support for families affected by leukodystrophy
awareness of the public and the medical community
funding for medical research on leukodystrophies and myelin repair
• the international development of ELA International and its members

ELA International may undertake all steps, measures and initiatives relating to the goals defined above, in particular, by creating a framework and a common heritage for the members, by organising, coordinating and promoting events with an international vocation, by initiating and facilitating medico-social projects and research and development projects on leukodystrophies and myelin repair within the framework of international partnerships, by developing and deploying a common capacity for collecting donations. In this regard, ELA International has the authority and power to open branches and offices worldwide.