ELA in brief

Based in Luxembourg, ELA International was created in 2015 to federate the action of all ELA structures and develop research. ELA International is present in 8 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and the Indian Ocean, and brings together researchers from all over the world. (+)

Rare Diseases

To spread the word about its fight, on the occasion of International Rare Disease Day, ELA (European Leukodystrophy Association) organised a unique meeting in a research laboratoryat the ICM (Brain and Spinal Cord Institute), on 28 February at 10 am in Paris.  (+)


Crystalfoot, an exceptional work of art, a crystal foot created by Baccarat for ELA, based on the humanist imprint of Zinedine Zidane, a limited series of 100 numbered copies, to fund research into leukodystrophies. (+)

Trial projects

Research into leukodystrophies, advances in 2020, with the forthcoming launch of several promising clinical trials. 3 projects, a financial challenge (+)