For 20 years Zinédine Zidane has been loyal to the most beautiful team in the world: the one that fights to win against the disease. Today, he is back in the ELA dressing room as coach to launch a new campaign. ELA is back on television, to motivate and encourageRead More →

On the occasion of the 6th edition of Health Week, ELA Spain organised an activityto raise awareness of leukodystrophies on 13 April at the Citizen Cultural Centre in La Bufanda. The film Lorenzo by George Miller (1992), which recounts the life of Augusto, Michaela and their son Lorenzo Odone, affectedRead More →

On Friday 23 March 2018, Guy Alba (President of ELA International), Pascal Prin (President of ELA France) and Laurent Caredda (President of Almerys) met in Paris to sign a partnership agreement between ELA and Almerys (a health data hosting company). This contract is part of the Leuconnect project, an onlineRead More →

This Friday, September 28, 2018 was held the ELA / MLD Research Group consortium. During the symposium organised by ELA international in Luxembourg in December 2017, new avenues of reflection were set up for medical research on leukodystrophies. Following on from this symposium, Caroline Sevin, pediatrician at the reference centerRead More →