On the occasion of the 6th edition of Health Week, ELA Spain organised an activityto raise awareness of leukodystrophies on 13 April at the Citizen Cultural Centre in La Bufanda.
The film Lorenzo by George Miller (1992), which recounts the life of Augusto, Michaela and their son Lorenzo Odone, affected by adrenoleukodystrophy, was shown in order to highlight the difficulties faced by ELA Spain families: lack of information, the difficult medical journey, family conflicts related to the disease, the search for a possible treatment, etc. Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte’s exceptional acting has earned them an Oscar nomination for their interpretation of this story based on real facts.
Leukodystrophies are rare diseases, but it is even rarer to have such a powerful awareness-raising element such as the film Lorenzo.
After the screening of the film, Carmen Sever, Vice-President of ELA Spain, commented on the most important facts and answered questions from the audience.