The HEALTH BOX SWISS MADE, created by ELA Suisse, contains 20 surgical masks, 1 hydroalcoholic solution and 2 mask cases. To produce this health kit, ELA Suisse has enlisted the help of three Swiss companies sensitive to ELA’s cause: Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie for the hydroalcoholic solution, Amyna3 for the surgical masks, and Biella Suisse for the mask protectors. These renowned companies have designed and developed high-quality products which carry the Swiss Made stamp and meet all certification standards.

The boxes are hand-made by employees of the integrated workshops of the FOVAHM (Valais Foundation for the Benefit of Mentally Disabled Persons). Every box sold supports the fight against leukodystrophies.

The HEALTH BOX SWISS MADE can be ordered on line for CHF24.00 at and

Left to right: Pascal Priamo (Director ELA Suisse), Morena Pozner (co-founder Amyna3), Julien Pinieri (Board Member, Louis Morand & Cie SA), Nazzareno Cirulli (technical salesman Biella Suisse SA), Dr André Piguet (co-founder Amyna3).