On Friday 7 June at l’Interfacethe annual big business-university jog in the Liège Science Park for the benefit of ELA took place. Our godfather Didier Boclinville, who we can always rely on to lift everyone’s spirits, faithful to the post for a great time, was with Guillaume de Miomandre, touched by this terrible disease. They welcomed the winners for having covered 6 km or 10 km and awarded the prize for the best disguise this year to the ‘musicians’.
A big thank you to the companies:
Technord Automation, Technifutur, The Labs (WSL), EVS, CRMGroup-Cewac, Kaneka Eurogentec, Intercommunale Incendie Liège et Environs, Unisensor, Citius Engineering, ASIT Biotech, Lasea, Samtech, Spacebel, V2I, iol Strategic Design, Centre Spatial de Liège (ULiège), BSS-IT, Bureau Greisch, for the welcome they gave to the runners on the course. The Breakbox Company was present at the start and finish site, with a massage chair for a demonstration of well-being in the company.
Thanks to the whole team from the Liège Science Park, the 2019 edition broke its records. 1,542 participants were present, a solidarity initiative that raised the sum of €28,863 for family assistance and medical research.
Rendezvous on Friday 5 June 2020 for the 14th edition of the jogging-walk business-university of the Liège Science Park. Congratulations to all!