3 promising clinical trials launched in 2020

During these 27 years, progress has been made: discovery of new genes, biomarkers, and new therapeutic approaches that researchers can be proud of. Today, we are on the brink of launching the initial phase of treatments thanks to the hopes generated by several initial clinical trials on sick children and adults.

A first call for tender launched in 2020 on women with leukodystrophy (PMD – ALD) :
ELA grant: €500,000
Expected start: 2021

A treatment trial for children with Pelizeus-Merzbacher leukodystrophy (PMD)
ELA allocation: €500,000
Expected start: end of the year 2020 – 2021?

A treatment trial for CACH syndrome, Nathan and Noah’s leukodystrophy
ELA allocation: €500,000

Expected start: 1st half of 2020