The weekend of 27th to 30th September was the long-awaited weekend of respite and relaxation for ELA Belgium families at the Vossemeren Center Parcs. On Saturday morning a breakfast was organised, followed by a plexi painting workshop led by Manuela Thys, the wife of Pierre Thonon, who has Leukodystrophy. TheRead More →

On Friday 7 June at l’Interfacethe annual big business-university jog in the Liège Science Park for the benefit of ELA took place. Our godfather Didier Boclinville, who we can always rely on to lift everyone’s spirits, faithful to the post for a great time, was with Guillaume de Miomandre, touchedRead More →

For the 11th consecutive year, the jogging-walk Entreprises-University of Liège took place. Once again, our friends from Liege amazed us. The race took place at the Liège Science Park while the sun was shining.Guillaume, 20 years old, and little Roman, 2 years old, were present at the occasion too. AtRead More →

The 12th edition of the jogging-walking event took place at the Blocry sports centre on Friday 6 October. On the Leuzelle woods course, 310 joggers and 192 walkers were present in a displayof solidarity. Before running with their feet in the water, due to capricious weather conditions, joggers and walkersRead More →

Great success for the opening of the new ELA jogging season. On May 4, the 11th edition of the Wavre inter-company jogging was once again held at the Golf du Château de la Bawette. Knowing the importance of this event, Mr. Le Hardy (owner of the Bawette golf course) madeRead More →

This operation brings together several actions carried out by the family and friends of the parents of the 3-year-old little Romain who is affected by leukodystrophy. On Saturday, April 21, the 7th edition of the Reid trail was held to support struggling IEPA (Institut Provincial d’Enseignement Agronomique de la Reid)Read More →