ELA families need our support

Today, ELA families are fighting a double battle: coping with the disease affecting their children and protecting them from the Covid-19. In addition to the constraints of increased confinement at home, there is the added burden of daily care and the anxiety of the future for these children with severe disabilities. The families are facing this situation with great courage but they need our support – now more than ever.

The Mets Tes Baskets application to help the children of ELA

To be able to continue supporting families, ELA has devised an operation called ‘Mets Tes Baskets’ or ‘Put on your sneakers’, which is particularly suitable for this period. Its principle is simple, to take as many steps as possible and its objective: to reach for the moon for the children of ELA. We feel that with together, nothing is impossible – not even reaching for the moon. It is 500 million steps away. How about as a family? Or with friends? That would be even more motivating. The Mets Tes Baskets application specially developed by ELA will allow everyone to count their steps and always know the total number of steps taken collectively. It also allows you to share your commitment on social networks, and for those who wish, they can turn their steps into donations for ELA.
To take part in the Put on your sneakers, simply download the mobile application by going to http://elainternational.eu/mtb/.