This operation brings together several actions carried out by the family and friends of the parents of the 3-year-old little Romain who is affected by leukodystrophy.
On Saturday, April 21, the 7th edition of the Reid trail was held to support struggling IEPA (Institut Provincial d’Enseignement Agronomique de la Reid) students. On this occasion, for each registration, € 1 was donated to support little Romain. This trail offered three different distances: 17 km – 27 km or 57 km. Registrations for this trail were recorded until April 1, the birthday of little Romain. On the day, Romain was accompanied by his parents and was able to encourage everyone participating in the race. Thanks to this great organisation and the support of all the runners, the sum of € 12,247.73 was donated to the ELA Belgium association to help Romain and all those affected by leukodystrophy.