The launch of Crystalfoot took place on June 12 at Baccarat in Paris where Zinedine Zidane unveiled the exceptional work of art in the presence of numerous guests, loyal sponsors and the international press.

A loyal ambassador and involved in the fight for ELA for 18 years, Zinédine Zidane himself lifted the veil on this creation in the presence of Guy Alba, President of ELA International and Jocelyn-Daniel Caufour, Chief Operating Officer of Baccarat. Benjamin and Lyna, affected by leukodystrophy, were also present in the front row to admire the crystal foot along with their parents.

To create a replica of the football legend’s left foot, Baccarat has employed the skills of its most talented artisans. Made from the imprint of Zinédine Zidane’s left foot, this crystal work demanded exceptional know-how and dedication.

Crystalfoot is a numbered collector’s limited edition of the crystal foot of Zinédine Zidane, faithful godfather of ELA since 2000, and is produced by Baccarat.It was with this magic foot that in 2002, in the Champions League final in Glasgow, he scored a  a historical goal, proving to everyone that “When you are determined, when you give everything, nothing is impossible”.

Zinedine Zidane wanted his imprint to symbolise  his visceral attachment to ELA’s fight against leukodystrophies and chose to offer through this strong gesture a real message of hope: “We must stand up against this disease, continue to fight itand keep hope even if it’s hard because you are not alone, I will always be there for ELA”.

Stronger together

With the prestigious Maison Baccarat and the sustained interest of Daniela Riccardi its Managing Director, who has employed the know-how of its most talented craftsmen (Nathalie Blaise, Modeleuse, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres and Raymond Regnault, Tailor, Meilleur Ouvrier de France). This unprecedented work, created for the benefit of ELA, embodies the impetus given to the difficult fight that the great ELA family is waging against leukodystrophies.

On June 12, Zidane’s efforts were  joined by François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering and Fatah Boudjelida, Managing Partner of Atoz. They have already decided to be part of the best team in the world, the one that scores goals against disease and with a strong imprint, the progress of medical research against leukodystrophies. To support this mission and the development of ELA International, they commissioned Crystalfoot by making a donation of € 40,000 for the benefit of the Association.

Accelerate medical research on leukodystrophies

For Guy Alba, this humanist imprint symbolises Zinédine Zidane’s visceral attachment to ELA’s fight against leukodystrophies and offers a true message of hope to sick people and their families. In return for a minimum donation of € 40,000, the donor is offered this exceptional coin, produced free of charge by the prestigious Maison Baccarat for the benefit of ELA, to support research on leukodystrophies and the international development of ELA.

Zinédine Zidane, honorary member of ELA, presents Crystalfoot

“I have the chance to do what I love and I am a sponsor of ELA. Whenever we talk about the ELA family, it touches me! You can see a lot in the eyes of children who can no longer move too much. The look of these kids, I will remember it for life.. Talking about this project, making sure that it is listened to, heard, seen, that it has a strong impact, that is my goal. We must stand up against this disease, fight it, try to eliminate it, to defeat it. It’s not easy, because everyday life is difficult, but you have to believe that one day  this will end. My message is this, for all families. Even if it’s hard, keep hope and I will always be there for ELA. ”

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